High Representatives of the GVA Establish Strategic Collaboration Lines for the Use of Advanced Technologies in Innovation, Commerce, and Tourism
On May 27, 2024, key figures including Maribel Sáez Martínez, Director General of Commerce, Juan José Cortés Vélez, Director General of Innovation, and Olivia Estrella López, Director of INVAT-TUR, met with the LabLENI team to outline strategic collaboration lines.
The primary goal is to introduce advanced technological applications in strategic sectors such as commerce and tourism. As Maribel Sáez stated, "this meeting with the LabLENI leaders marks a significant step in developing an innovation strategy that also enables the use of the latest technological advances in vital sectors for our economy, such as commerce.”

During the meeting, four key areas of action were proposed:

1. Immersive Training and Evaluation Platform: For skill development and assessment.

2. AI-Based Avatars and Training Tools: Utilizing digital humans for enhanced learning experiences.

3. Promoting Tourism through Advanced Technologies: Including digital twins, which are real-time virtual replicas that monitor, analyze, and optimize performance.

4. Immersive Platform for Promoting Valencian Artisanal Products: Showcasing local craftsmanship in a cutting-edge way.

LabLENI's Director, Mariano Alcañiz Raya, along with R&D Director Alejandra del Valle and Innovation Director Jaime Guixeres Provinciale, agreed to continue defining joint work lines and seek funding for key projects.
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