Assessment and training System based on the development of neuroLEadErship and management Pills
Centre for the Development of Industrial Technology (CDTI - Ministry of Science and Innovation) and European Regional Development Fund (ERDF)
VR Training
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Level UP
i3B (Valencia, Spain)

Currently, companies invest significant resources in training (estimated at US $ 356 billion worldwide in 2016 according to the Harvard Bussiness Review) but they do not get a good return on their investment. Frequently, learning does not lead to better job performance because people soon return to their old ways of doing things. In the last two decades, the paradigm of Transformational Leadership (LT) has been the main reference in organizational research.

Given the current socio-economic situation dominated by financial confusion, economic globalization and cultural shocks due to age, ethnicity and socio-economic status, the need for effective leadership in companies has become increasingly prominent. The effectiveness of current leadership training techniques is being questioned, suggesting that new skills should be considered, especially the ability to manage stress and uncertainty while maintaining a positive approach in the future.

That is why it is so important for them to consider leadership capabilities using appropriate evaluation and training methodologies For this reason, the ASLEEP project “Assessment and training based on the development of neuroleads and management Pills” proposes the creation of a system of training pills in VR through which to favor and improve the learning of complex concepts on neuroleadership.

In parallel, the use of implicit measures will focus the analysis of learning so that the student is able to understand, generalize and logically use the new concepts learned. The content will be presented in VR and the responses of the users will be collected, both behaviorally and psychophysiologically and brain signals to exemplify the cognitive process involved. In this way you will not only experience the learning experience, but you will also get visual data on how your behavior, your physiological reactions and your brain work against this type of stimuli.

In the same way it will show how the relationship between the context and its behavior go hand in hand. This will favor the fixation in memory of the concepts and their learning will be more generalizable to different aspects of their life.

Project Objectives

1. Using stealth assessment to design training pills.
2. Design of a neurogaming platform.
3. Research and develop new techniques of signal processing.
4. Design and generate final prototypes to be validate in a training context.
5. Developing of a platform that achieves all usability standards.