Analysising human being behaviour in front of marketing actions like audiovisual campaigns and in front of retail experience both in physical and online store.

Consumer Behaviour Research

CBR group (Consumer Behaviour Research), is the group inside LENI Lab of i3B Institute that is centered in the analysis of human being behaviour in front of marketing actions like audiovisual campaigns and in front of retail experience both in physical and online store.

It is a discipline that provides measurement accuracy of the unconscious and emotional human being who is the one that is present in most outlets decisions we make and allows us to understand consumer behavior part. That is, it presents a new type of information to the company so far did not have to make decisions and optimize resources.

To develop our research we use the latest technologies and integrate virtual reality, sensory stimulation and behavioral measurement, applied to the world of marketing, retail and communication.


Virtualizing experiences

At CBR and LENI  we work with the latest virtual reality technologies to generate digital environments where the user can recreate life-like situations.

Thanks to Virtual Reality, we are capable of controlling and modifying the users experience in a very precise way serving as a cost effective alternative to the conventional real life approach. The exploration of these virtual scenarios allows us to analyze the users reactions and behavior under different conditions.

Thanks to our interactive solutions in the virtual space, users can carry out actions very similar to the ones that they would usually do in their real world. The user may move freely around the scenarios, interact with elements and objects, or even modify the characteristics of the product.

In addition to the visual stimuli, we can also recreate sensory experiences which include hearing or smell. We can also generate ad hoc solutions adapted to each customers individual needs.

Measuring Human Behaviour

As we develop unique human behavior metrics, in both real user experiences and in virtual experiences, we analyze users’ behaviour keeping in mind the different types of information obtained from these effective and innovative metrics.

To generate these metrics, our professional team of experts in Advanced Signal Processing uses the latest mathematical and engineering techniques.

Our mobile and stationary equipment allow us to collect the subject’s own behaviour response in both our laboratory and in real life situations. With the neurophysiological response obtained, we can analyze the unconscious and emotional response of human beings. We extract metrics related to attention levels, memory, message understanding, levels of stress or levels of happiness among others.

We have all the necessary equipment and technologies to measure any type of body or brain response (EEG and MRI), Heart Rate Variability (HBT) or skin conductivity. As a result of our more than 15 years of experience, we provide our own algorithms to process all of these physiological responses.

By behaviour measurement we refer to all the information that we obtain from human actions and decisions, i.e., where we look at, how we gesticulate or where we walk to. We have the latest technologies for eye tracking, facial gesticulation recognition and posture and body motion equipment.

Our technology is developed in order to be applied in the real space in a continuous and objective way to measure human behavior in that exact space. This is what we call Human Behaviour Tracking solutions (HBT).

Stimulation and Interaction

Our goal is to achieve a positive user experience in a chosen situation, for example, at a store. In order to do this, we generate new technological solutions that stimulate and try to help the impact on the user.

All of the different solutions that we develop are evaluated and pre-tested in our lab with real users before their implementation to ensure correct functionality.

Our Human Sensory Stimulation (HSS) solution applies interactive sensory technologies integrated in a natural way into elements of the physical space, such as on a wall, counters, and even in a complete room.

Our solution involves interacting with the users and readapting the messages sent to them, so that there is an intelligent communication that can be controlled from the outside, and which our clients can adapt depending on their needs and goals.