Analysising human being behaviour in front of marketing actions like audiovisual campaigns and in front of retail experience both in physical and online store.


Evaluating the effect of audiovisual content with the latest technologies.

An advertising campaign is the first contact between our consumer and its customer. The possibility of capturing frame to frame the attention level, emotional engagement and memory retention allow us to understand the users’ emotional reactions produced by the ad, and which factors may be decisive in order to maximize the impact produced in different kind of population.


Designing retail stores of the present and the future.

Is it possible to improve the shoppers experience at the sales point by increasing their purchase intentions and therefore acquiring more loyalty to the brand? Could we quantitatively analyze shoppers’ behaviour at the point of sale? Can we generate sensory interactive stimulation technology that transforms the experience at the store while keeping in mind the moment, the context and the users´profile?

To provide an answer to all of these questions is NeuroRetails’ goal.



The field of gastronomic products is a special section in the study of the product-user relationship carried out by the research group CBR. Interactions with this kind of products are very different and more complex. They involve the participation of more prevalent senses and synesthetic relationships are more frequent. The application of new technologies for analyzing user response to such stimuli opens a field of great interest.