Analysising human being behaviour in front of marketing actions like audiovisual campaigns and in front of retail experience both in physical and online store.


The field of gastronomic products is a special section in the study of the product-user relationship carried out by the research group CBR. Interactions with this kind of products are very different and more complex. They involve the participation of more prevalent senses and synesthetic relationships are more frequent. The application of new technologies for analyzing user response to such stimuli opens a field of great interest.

Research Lines

Enhanced gastronomic experiences

The combination of kitchen and science has been exploited long ago. This line of research delves into the study of the gastronomic experience analyzing the interaction of senses, the importance of the environment and the elements and the possibility of intensifying feelings through interactive immersive environments.

Wine and Brain

One of the current research lines is dedicated to the study of sensory experience related to wine tasting. Wine is a gastronomic product highly related to the Mediterranean culture, with a strong character and a consumption pattern which almost constitutes a ritual. Oenological experiences are part of touristic and leisure activities for a while. The study of these experiences from a neurological approach will allow a more rigorous knowledge about them and the design of new ones, supported by technology but focused on wine.