Leveraging virtual, augmented, and mixed realities alongside AI, while innovatively enhancing clinical and everyday practices.an injury and examine the underlying mechanisms of different brain processes.

Social & Cognitive Neuroscience

The Social & Cognitive Neuroscience (SCN) research group is at the forefront of exploring social processes and human cognition through the lens of cutting-edge technologies (virtual, augmented and mixed realities) and artificial intelligence (AI).

Our team is committed to investigating innovative high-tech solutions, aiming to deepen the scientific comprehension of human cognitive processes in various contexts. Additionally, we focus on enhancing clinical practices, improving everyday life activities, and optimizing work procedures.


Human chemosignals

We investigate the ways in which human chemosignals, associated with either neutral or emotional states, influence virtual social interactions and perception, as well as cognitive abilities

Neuropsychological Assessment & Treatment

We explore ways to enhance the assessment and treatment procedures for neuropsychological and psychiatric disorders by applying technology and artificial intelligence to human biosignals

Immersive Analytics

We investigate ways to enhance the presentation of complex data through the use of innovative technologies and cross-modal visualization metaphors, while considering the cognitive and emotional workload of users

Social Synchrony

We explore the enhancement of social neural synchrony through virtual reality, enabling physically distant individuals to collaborate more effectively on tasks

Recent Projects