Advanced THErapeutical tools for meNtal hEAlth
ICT for Mental Health
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The importance of (TM) mental disorders in terms of both the morbidity and impact on quality of life of patients is very high since they are the most common cause of burden of disease in Europe, ahead of cardiovascular diseases and cancer. Currently, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is one of the most empirically studied and effective for the treatment of mental disorder with exposure treatments using virtual reality (VRET). Internet use for TCC-VRET, called TCC Computerized -VRET has proven to be an effective and low-cost intervention to extend treatments based on evidence. The main obstacle to widespread use of TCCC-VRET is that systems are designed for a single type of TM.

The ATHENEA project proposes the development of a cognitive behavioral therapy (TCCC) treatment system and Virtual Reality (VRET) based on the Grawe model that will allow offer therapy for most of Mental Disorders.
The scientific impact of the project is notable as the first international project that addresses
Cognitive Therapy behavioral- systems and virtual reality treatment if based on the paradigm of neuro psychotherapy help generalize treatment. This allows you to set the basis for defining protocols psychotherapy that can be adapted to any type of mental disorder.

For this, the project has developed a virtual environment linked to serious games which will be presented situations to the patients. These situations must be resolved and thus achieve evaluates the level of involvement. Likewise propose behaviors and routines that will improve their general condition, treatment can focus and modular situations for the specific disorder.

The project is financed by the State Research Agency (which belongs to the Ministry of Economy, Industry and Competitiveness) and the European Regional Development Fund with grant number DPI2016-77396-R under the state program R+D+I oriented to the challenges of society, in the state program of scientific and technical research and innovation2013-2016. Announcement 2016