Researching and developing algorithms within the area of Artificial Vision and Machine Learning.

Assessing and promoting the recovery of brain function after an injury and on examining the underlying mechanisms of different brain processes.

Analysing human being behavior in front of marketing actions like audiovisual campaigns and in front of retail experience both in physical and online stores.

Technologies for enhancing human abilities and capacities.


LabLENI shows the last applications developed for Pamesa Cerámica in CERSAIE 2019 on Bolonia (Italy)

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Neuromarketing Workshop

On September 18, Leire Bastida and Ana Moya de Tecnalia, as well as Javier Marín of LENI (Immersive Neurotechnology Laboratory) of the UPV brought us closer to the world of emotions and stimuli in a neuromarketing workshop...

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LENI leads a virtual reality and neuroscience project to evaluate and improve leadership capacity in companies

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REBRAND has been funded by GVA in the PROMETEO callLENI has achieved a great challenge in the PROMETEO call, the most important and competitive call for scientific excellence in Comunidad Valenciana. The project, called REBRAND, Mixed Reality and Brain decissions,...

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Where are we?

Polytechnic City of the Innovation – Building 8B – 3rd Floor 
Camino de Vera s/n 46022
Valencia (Spain)