Computer Vision in XR for Industry 5.0

State of art technologies and solutions for Computer Vision and Mixed Reality applications.

Computer Vision in XR for Industry 5.0

The research group CVAR, belong to the Institute of Research and Innovation in Bioengineering (I3B) of the Universitat Politècnica de València, it has as main objective the research and development of algorithms within the area of ​​Computer Vision and Machine Learning applied to multiple areas of interest such as Augmented Reality, Robotic and the Industrial Sector among others. Specifically the CVAR group investigates the following areas:

• Detection, tracking and pose estimation of 3D objects.

• 3D scene understanding

• 3D Reconstruction of objects / scenes.

• New systems of human-machine interaction.

• Outdoor/indoor navigation.

• Augmented Reality applied to the industrial sector.