i3B (Valencia, España)
computer vision
2016 – 2019
Grant Number
PAMESA Cerámica S.A.

This project is the result of the agreement that was signed under the formula of a company chair. The chair focuses on training, technological development and knowledge transfer in the field of immersive technologies applied to the interaction with the consumer of the ceramic sector. Thus, the UPV and PAMESA CERÁMICA S.A will collaborate in different projects that will be developed by the LENI-i3B Laboratory.

Videowall v2

The application consists of a virtual catalog of many of PAMESA’s products, which are presented individually as well as applied in different types of environments (bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms and terradas). The objective is that this application is used by distributors as a sales tool for PAMESA products.

Also available in web version:


Application based on Virtual Reality using the HTC VIVE that allow us high immersion and interaction in a realistic environment.
The user is in a PAMESA exhibition in which he can interact with all the materials found in it. In this case: KONCEPT and AGATHA.

Loft v1 & v2

Applications based on Virtual Reality using the HTC VIVE that allow us high immersion and interaction in a realistic environment.
The user is in a LOFT apartment where he can select a series of materials to apply on the floor of the main room, in the kitchen and bathroom.

In version 1, the user can turn on and off all the lights that exist in the three aforementioned rooms. It has another resource that allows you to modify the sunlight, selecting the different stages of the day.

Version 2 allows the user to interact with a greater number of materials and create a greater number of combinations. Everything in a loft with terrace at the foot of the Estadio de la Cerámica.


It is an App for mobile device (Tablet / Mobile) that supported on a server with “Deep Learning” technology, allows you to apply PAMESA materials in your own environment.

From the device a photo of your space is taken (usually bathroom or kitchen) and this is sent to a server that intelligently obtains the surfaces that can be modified. Then the user can apply any PAMESA material on said surfaces.

Cuéntame v2

After the previous developments carried out, we chose this time, to implement a solution that manages to obtain, instead of a “corner”, the complete scanned environment. This would be pre visualized in 3D in real time and finally a 360º render could be obtained in high resolution, to be visualized both on screen and in any type of 3D glasses (Focus, GO, CardBoard).

Totem (Koncept)

The Totem is a solution with a very effective touch screen to focus on a specific product series, with a very simple interface you can visualize the chosen product in two ways, a more traditional one that would be by means of rendered photos simulating rooms of a house and the other less traditional is to be able to contemplate and interact with the piece in 3 dimensions, we can enlarge it by making the gesture of zooming with our fingers or turning the piece to see how the light affects the finish. A compact solution that with little physical space can reach a large number of products.