Virtuchef: Development of a Creation and Management System for Interactive Content to Improve the Experience in gastronomy environments
2013 – 2017
Grant Number
Grupo La Sucursal
POSTIGO Obras y Servicios, S.A

Gastronomy in Spain has become, in a few decades, one of the socio-economic engines, strongly boosting the Spanish economic system and one of the basic sectors for the economic expansion of the country. In order for the restoration sector to once again be a driver and pillar of the Spanish economy, it is necessary to equip it with new tools that allow it to renew itself. Restaurants sector must evolve, improve and optimize their processes to surprise their customers every day and remain competitive.
The aim of the Virtuchef project is to create an environment that allows diners to enjoy a different experience, using the latest technologies to reduce customer waiting times, as well as automate most of the service process. This environment will have a double use: on the one hand, it is proposed as a work tool for the hospitality sector as support for culinary preparation, and on the other hand as a new type of innovative service for customers of catering establishments, offering them in function context and user profile, personalized, interactive and adaptive content. This project has been funded by the Ministry of Tourism, Energy and Commerce under grant number TSI-100600-2013-8.