Analysising human being behaviour in front of marketing actions like audiovisual campaigns and in front of retail experience both in physical and online store.


Evaluating the effect of audiovisual content with the latest technologies.

An advertising campaign is the first contact between our consumer and its customer. The possibility of capturing frame to frame the attention level, emotional engagement and memory retention allow us to understand the users’ emotional reactions produced by the ad, and which factors may be decisive in order to maximize the impact produced in different kind of population.

Being able to analyze the impact on the spectator of any kind of audiovisual content, like the effectiveness of advertising and promotional strategies, allows to make an effective and profitable media investment, by determining the elements and content that will more likely capture the spectators attention.

Research Lines

Purchase decision

Do we really understand the cognitive mechanisms that lead us to make the purchase decision? And what influence do these mechanisms the role of emotions?

V -commerce

How can the way we buy change with the inclusion of technologies like virtual reality and augmented reality? What are the metaphors of navigation and interaction to amplify this new type of experience? Do you really may use virtual reality as an analytical tool to simulate retail experience?

Living stores

Could a store modify the experience that offers dynamically based on the current context and shopper profile? How can we change this experience? And how can we quantify the behavior of the shopper with less invasive, low cost and high ecologically technologies?

HBT (Human Behaviour Tracking)

The HBT (human behavior tracking) technology allows to have quantitative and precise information on how the user can be used in the sales space by detecting patterns of spatial movement of the subject in the environment and analyzing how it interacts with the products in a sales environment that allow to understand the behavior of a consumer in an establishment.

Digital Signage

Digital signage improves the customer experience with the brand and the point of sale. A relevant communication is established with the audience to which the brand is directed, facilitating a more direct communication at the moment of purchase of the product or service, facilitating the convergence between the physical and digital space and offering retail intelligence metrics.