Assessment and Training on dEcision Making in rIsk eNvironments
Ministry of Science and Innovation
Organizational NeuroScience
Grant Number
Martin Brainon

The aim of ATEMIN is the development of a platform that allows the measurement, assessment and training of factors related to decision making in the context of occupational risks. This will be achieved by the use of implicit measures and virtual reality, under a paradigm of stealth assessment, and by the application of psychophysiological measures. This will provide us information about the individual brain implicit processes, all this focused on the field of process industry.

The major innovations of ATEMIN are:
It is an evaluation and training tool, in a single system.
The system includes stealth assessment techniques, with gamified mechanics.
Its design is based on a neuroscientific approach.
It provides real time measurement.
The participants can behave in virtual scenarios, which can generate similar reactions than in real life.
It delivers an objective measure of risk taking behaviour.

In this way, an individual will be able to explore a gambling virtual environment, while his/her behaviours and physiological measures are recorded in real time. The system will provide quantified data about his/her skills related to risk taking behaviour, adapting the training program to these results.

This project has been funded by Ministerio de Economía y Competitividad (MINECO) with project number RTC-2017-6523-6.