Balance recOvery for neurologicAl disoRDers: Sistema de rehabilitación virtual del equilibrio para pacientes con trastornos neurológicos
Generalitat Valenciana (Valencia, Spain)
Neuro Rehabilitation
2011 to 2012
Grant Number
Ap 065/11
i3B Institute
Servicio de Neurorrehabilitación y Daño Cerebral de los Hospitales NISA

The BOARD project aims to research, develop, and validate a rehabilitation system for static and dynamic balance intended for subjects with balance disorders derived from neurological diseases. The system will use balance platforms to allow subjects to interact through weight transferences. Instrumentation will be low-cost and easy to transport to facilitate the integration of the system in the clinical setting. The system will include a management tool to manage a database of participants’ data, to examine their progression, and to configure customized sessions. The BOARD project will also involve a study of the clinical efficacy of the system in individuals with acquired brain injury.