Desarrollo de un Sistema de Posicionamiento de Museos
Ministerio de economía, industria y competitividad, Gobierno de España
Human Computer Interfaces
2006 – 2008
Grant Number
S.G. del Oceanografic de Valencia, S.L.
Braintorm Multimedia, S.L.
Fundación Universidad Católica de Valencia San Vicente Mártir

New educational technologies for museums.

The main objective of this project is to develop a positioning and interaction system in virtual edutainment environments. The project was presented to the 2005 tender for grants from the National Plan for Scientific Research, Development Technological Innovation (2004-2007) in the section dedicated to the Promotion of Technical Research, in the thematic field of Information Society Technologies, part of the Ministry for Industry, Tourism and Commerce.

At a technical level, the project develops a positioning and interaction system based on Augmented Reality and infrared technology. In this way, using an indicator made from reflective material that the user holds in their hand, the system knows at all times the position of hand in the environment and responds to its actions.

The e-Junior projects develops a total of six modules which will present, in an entertaining manner, the Mediterranean Sea, and one of its most important ecosystems, the posidonia oceanica meadow. The game involves controlling a fish to carry out certain actions in each of the modules.

This project has been funded by the Ministry of Science and Education under grant number FIT-350100-2005-648