i3B (Valencia, España)
Organizational NeuroScience
2014 – 2018

At present, there is an important trade-off between leadership training activities and assessment methods with training focusing on 21st century skills (such as perseverance, resilience, social empathy and creative problem-solving) while assessment continues to focus on 20th century methods.

The NEUROSTEP Project, developed by the Company with the same name ( is based in a multimodal platform that enables assessment and training through several skills metrics related to leadership.

In such a way, the project analyzes skills, abilities and competences concerning leadership through 3 different approaches, considering heterogeneus information gathering on the same behaviour.

1. Environmental Virtual Experience (EVE): this module consists of a virtual environment (EV) or serious game (SG) where the candidate to be evaluated is immersed in a story, facing a set of situations and interactions with virtual avatars. The candidate will have to take certain decisions and carry out some tests. EVE gets some indexes based on interaction (Behavioral Tracking System) to calculate the candidate’s Performance Potential Matrix (PPM).

2. NeuroPhysiological Assesment System (NAS): this module consists of a series of different applications of neurophysiological assessment that leads to improve the PPM calculation, supplementing the indexes provided by EVE. These indexes are based on the-state-of-the-art of brain activity and neurophysiological measurements and its correlation with certain competences.

3. Ecological Momentary Assesment (EMA): this measurement module is based in the use of smartphones as mobile platforms. EMA system is connected to wearables systems for physiological measurement. The advantage of this system is its great ecological value, because the candidates are going to use it in a transparent manner in their daily lives.