Rehabilitación y Evaluación de la Asimetría de la Marcha y Postura
Ministry of Science and Innovation
Virtual Rehabilitation
2018 to 2020
Grant Number
Servicio integral de Rehabilitación Neurológica (SIRN)

The REAMP project aims to create a low-cost immersive projective system that will transform any treadmill and/or pressure platform into an RV system that will offer exercises for the rehabilitation and assessment of gait asymmetry and posture. The system will be portable, modular, low-cost, robust and easy to use.

REAMP will use the information provided by low-cost interaction devices to determine the subjects’ movements with two main objectives: 1) to facilitate interaction with immersive VR exercises in order to improving gait asymmetry and posture; and 2) to evaluate these skills objectively and in comparison to a healthy sample. REAMP aims to overcome the limitations present in both the traditional tools and the instrumented systems currently available.

To carry out the REAMP project, a system will be designed with low cost and highly portable components, which will allow maintaining a low overall cost of the system and facilitating its transportation and storage. REAMP will comply with safety standards and will have its own patient management system.
The present project will carry out different studies to determine the ergonomics, usability and effectiveness of the system against conventional physiotherapy protocols. In the same way, studies will be carried out to obtain a correct pattern of normality and thus determine the clinical validity of the assessment tool.