LabLENI facilities: immersive media for human behaviour analysis
2,100 square meters for research and development of innovative projects
LabLENI has specialized equipment for stimulation and human behaviour analysis, through interactive immersive technologies and behavioural and physiological measurement tools.

Our facilities allow simulating experiences from a full virtual condition (Virtual Reality), passing through the combination of physical and virtual (Augmented Reality), to finally meet reality. Thus, eXtended Realities enable us to make the leap to physical environments progressively.

The Institute has 2,100 square meters in which a multi-room configuration is integrated, consisting of five experimental rooms and two observation rooms, equipped with one-way mirrors and closed audio and video circuits. This allows several experiments to be carried out at the same time.

Among these facilities, the Optitrack room stands out, in which there is a high-definition, low-latency full-length 3D motion tracking system for four simultaneous users using IR technology and multichannel laser projection visualization. The system also includes a multisensory stimulation system and human behaviour analysis and high performance clusters for the application of deep learning and machine learning techniques (funding: IDIFEDER/2018/029 and IDIFEDER/2021/038).

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