Best paper award - Academy of Management
82nd Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management
Our paper titled "Neuroscience & HRM: Comparing the Semantics of Vocal Responses in Face- to-Face and VR Job Interviews", accepted for the 82nd Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management taking place August 2022, has been judged by the reviewers to be one of the best accepted papers in this program! This research offers a comparative examination of participant experience when facing a job interview in a physical face-to-face environment and simulated virtual reality (VR).
This high honor entitles our paper to be published in the Proceedings of the 2022 Academy of Management Meeting. We feel very proud of our AT3 team for their great work, congratulations!
This work was supported by the Generalitat Valenciana funded project “Mixed reality and brain decision (REBRAND)” (PROMETEO/2019/105).