‘Assessment 3.0’: la neurociencia en la atracción de talento
Mariano Alcañiz and Carlos Royo have written an article titled 'Assessment 3.0: Neuroscience in Talent Attraction' in the prestigious Harvard Deusto Business Review.
In this groundbreaking piece, Alcañiz and Royo delve into the innovative field of talent attraction and how cutting-edge advancements in neuroscience are transforming the way we assess and identify top talent.
'Assessment 3.0' explores how neuroscience techniques, such as neuroimaging and biometric measurements, provide invaluable insights into an individual's cognitive abilities, emotional intelligence, and potential for success. By harnessing these powerful tools, organizations can make more informed hiring decisions and create teams that drive innovation and growth.

Alcañiz and Royo's article sheds light on the emerging field of 'neuro-assessment' and its ability to revolutionize the recruitment process. They emphasize the importance of considering not only traditional qualifications but also the neurological factors that contribute to a candidate's unique potential. By leveraging the latest scientific research, companies can unlock a new level of understanding and make talent acquisition truly future-forward.

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